NMHC Annual Report: The Year in Review – National Multifamily Housing Council

Published: March 16, 2015

NMHC, March 16, 2015

NMHC’s 2014 Annual Report reflects another fantastic year for both the apartment industry and NMHC. Despite being seven years into our expansion, fundamentals point to continued strength and renter growth is at historical highs.

NMHC remains the leadership of the $1.3 trillion apartment industry and the place where the industry’s best and brightest gather to shape a positive future for their businesses, the industry and the communities they help build.

This year’s annual report looks back at how we do that.
• NMHC Leads.
• NMHC Connects.
• NMHC Influences.
• NMHC Informs.
2014 was a year that many called “the best in our lifetimes.” This was true for the industry as well as for your voice in Washington, NMHC.

So, journey back with us to see how we put our membership dollars to work, generating exceptional value for our stakeholders.